Howie’s Hot Five for…17 May, 2012

Borders Books has closed! Kapow! When did that happen… Anyway on with the countdown;

Listen to this week’s HH5 here…

5 Kitchens in Kapiti Rock…!

HH5 has a horrendous cold…awww, it’s winter and someone put us on to Kapiti Kitchen natural syrups (Lemon, Manuka Honey & Ginger – and put the kettle on). We’ve read the blurb and they say they are all hand-made, small batches… – goes well with Appleton’s Rum we’re told.

– Rhubarb & Ginger, Ginger, Lemon Lime & Bitters, Elderflower…

P.S. Did you know the Kapiti Coast was formerly known as the Golden Coast (GC)

Source: kapiti kitchen

4. Let’s Hug this Out…

Yep, be a man-bracer we say…with rules for the perfect man-hug: (or as Ari Gold would say ‘let’s hug it out’…

  1. – Three pats on the back
  2. – No nuzzling
  3. – And definitely not contact beneath the chest e.g. dont’ hold the other dudes hips like your want to salsaWe are talking nothing less than male masculinity being re-defined…

But trust a sociologist to wreck it…

Dr Harry Blatterer, a Macquarie University sociologist who specialises in the boundaries of friendship, speculates the definitive rules around the manhug indicate that the exchange is underpinned by homophobia…  therefore ‘it’s a very specific hug’.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  =Not a Manhug

3. Buses are cool –  a renaissance?

People stopped taking buses because of cheaper flights, inconvenient schedules, discomfort and safety (dodgy Greyhound bus station stories).

Paris for a pound…Chicago for a dollar…wifi, huge comfy seats and big windows in all. The bus is back!

What’s not too like. HH5 even caught a bus from Auckland to Kerikeri couple of months back for $22! (no wifi- but bring it on and we are on)

Anyway in the US there’s an outfit called Megabus starting to take in Greyhound …with big seats, big windows, as well as wifi and power plugs with seats starting at $1.

Megabus started up to 6 cities in 2006 – now rolling into 40 cities.

As well, there’s a Megabus (Parent Company to the US outfit) in Europe: London to Paris for mega-cheap. (£1 to £40)

Target Audience: 18-34 (young professionals).  Plus gas prices going up…we have a renaissance.

And China! These babies have just hit the roads (capable of carrying 300 passengers)…

and some bus porn…

Source: The Telegraph

2. Internet Shopping Block – and we ain’t talking China…(Low Five)

Internet shopping in Australia is a scorching hot topic… a $10 billion hotty.

This week announced various retailers are making deals with overseas jean makers to outlaw buying these brands online in the US and mailing them to Aust.

Why do shoppers do this? To save up to 50%-200% on Aussie retail prices…despite their dollar being all-powerful.

So retailers struggling want to tax theses imports or ban them with agreements from US producers to ban Australian customers.

Que up US forwarding services for a small fee. By the way despite A$ being worth more or on par with US$ – Ipads are A$100 more expensive and jeans up to 200% more.

Two great articles from SMH:
Why GST on Internet Shopping Will Never Happen
Importers Closing Doors to Online

1.  Monkey Business – at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival … 

If you are an office dweller… we say this is the perfect bonding opp – Monkey Business at the Comedy Festival … you need to see this ‘interactive white collar safari’!  These guys cover all the bases from the low hanging fruit to the blue sky thinking and all the sad things office dwellers do without thinking in between.

Would we put your wrong?! It’s sold out Friday – so go tonight – some tix they say left on Saturday.

Monkey Business Tickets and Information

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