Howie’s Hot Five for…7 June, 2012

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5. The future of music just happened yesterday…

Amanda Palmer (Ex-Dresden Dolls) is latest Kickstarter millionaire…but some are very excited about what this represents for the music industry…

And she’s the perfect example of someone from the ‘outer-edges’ leading the mainstream into the future… as are her fans:

e.g. She wrote a song “Please drop me” to get out of contract with Roadrunner Records
She claimed Roadrunner wanted to pull some shots from a video of hers because her tummy looked fat. Fans sent pictures of their tummies to Roadrunner records, posted pic of tummies online  – put together a book of these pics call ReBellyon including stories from fans from around the world

The Project: Recording of new record and production of accompanying book and tour.

The Goal: US$100,000

The Result: 24,883 backers for a grand total of US$1,192,793

Backers Rewards: We wrote all 24,000+ backer names with Sharpies in dozens and dozens of used phone books… one page per backer. Tons of people helped us secretly do this, it took hundreds of man hours. Then we held a webcast in a parking lot in Gowanus where we towed a giant tank-like enclosure. The band dressed in vintage 1920s swimsuits and stayed in the tank for four hours and with the help of the crowd, showed every single name to the assembled street party and webcast while a DJ cranked music, including the record, and crazy street performers provided halftime entertainment. Truly a memorable fucking party. Then we ran ten blocks away and did a post-midnight celebration show at a loft for high-level backers, who we surprised with tickets two days before, hoping they could make it. The whole thing was sort of Yoko Ono meets Burning Man meets Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Source: Gothamist and Wikipedia

4. Flightfox… the brain behind it…

HH5 has mentioned Flightfox before and even used it searching for a flight between New York and Savannah (Fact: this service produced a flight for $200 return vs cheapest other we could find $450)

Inventor: 27 year old Australian Lauren McLeod – the rest of us should simply lie down and take a rest already.

– She is the first Australian to cross the Gobi Desert on foot…
– She’s just been given $800, 000 by the most prestigious start-up accelerator in the world…

Flightfox = 500 flight booking experts that get paid a one-off fee if they successfully book you a cheap flight – and guarantee the best deal – using industry software, tricks of the trade and local offers to uncover best deals.  You pay $29 flat fee for simple flight schedule or $49 for complex – and don’t pay unless you are happy.

Humans doing the search are sooo much better than Internet search that goes for the simple… Crowd Sourced travel agents …brill!

The idea for Firefox hit her while travelling in Ecuador – “I envisaged flight experts all over the world competing against one another to find me the absolute best flight,”

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald

3. The Dark Web…Welcome to TOR…

Wanna buy people, drugs, guns or have someone killed …you’ve come to the right place on the web… oh and hate speech reigns, hitmen advertise their services and hacker hired to hack a company, even buy a human organ.  And Governments are grappling with how to deal with it…

It’s also used by aid workers working in hostile environments or simply those who don’t want to give their information out…

We are talking deep, deep, deep in cyberspace… Thanks to the US Naval Research Library.

So beneath the main pavement of the Internet we use –  in the sewers you have gun runners, murders being arranged and heavy pornography being swapped – thanks to US Navy designed great system of moving data through various nodes and it getting encrypted each time …. going deep undercover… with no history whatsoever logged.

And based on series of Onion Sites – people can easily download software for an Onion site and get on board.  Silk Road owned by Dread Pirate Roberts is one… love it!

Source: Australian IT

2. Earworms – be damned…but what are they?

This just in from a University in Finland.

Who would have thought ‘earworm’s is based on a German word for
Involuntary music cues” – Ohrwurm

Invited 12000 Internet users to participate in the first ‘earworm’ scientific study and see what happens…


– The last song is not always in our minds, is that the traces of the musical memories remain active for some time, maybe even days
– Only certain types of people get earworms – younger people and females
– Listening, creating and reahearsing music led to earworms (wow, big scientific finding)

– No Top 10 exists of earworms …
– The study was undertaken simply because it’s short hop to “I’m hearing voices in my head Doctor”!

Worst case of an earworm: In Joe Simpson‘s 1988 book, Touching The Void, he talks about not being able to get the tune “Brown Girl in the Ring” by Boney M, out of his head.

If you want to participate – go to Earworm Facebook Clinic App

1. Jennifer Zea and the Antipodean Collective – a new, wonderful face in Kiwi-music

A Venezuelan-New Zealander who’s been grafting away on the Auckland scene for half a decade has come up trumps with a new album produced by Nathan Haines… featuring two of New Zealand’s finest jazz pianists – Jonathan Crayford and Kevin Field…. and Jennifer Zea and her band – genuine Latin music which is world-class… go see her live…

Source: Jennifer Zea

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