Howie’s Hot Five for…14 June, 2012

HH5 is about what’s hot and we want to talk ‘privacy’. We are seeing flashpoints and a near-future kick-back – the dawning of a new ‘eeeekkkkk’ age (in the week of ACC, Pullar, 7000 wrongly emailed names)

5. Drones Part One – The US Army…

Definition: Unmanned military aerial vehicles (so a guy in Maryland drives to work to shoot at another guy in Afghanistan) – 2002 was first time one was used outside a theatre of war to kill an al-Qaeda suspect in Yemen…

By the way the Guardian reports today: A Pew Research Centre poll of attitudes toward the US in 21 countries found that confidence in Obama’s foreign policy has fallen sharply since he took office three years ago, particularly over the use of drone attacks.

2nd BTW – The Switchblade is a new drone that can be launched in the battle field from a backpack… takes the place of air strikes – does the same job!

Last month the US army shelled out another quarter of a billion dollars to buy more drones …or $262,336,248 to be exact… and the new place for them is South America…

Which adds to Central Asia and The Middle East… and get this, they’re building a super big one that can cover the Pacific areas.

4. Drone Part 2: Apple and Google Drones….

Or where street view gets icky… and suddenly sleepy-heads like HH5 globally do a collective WTF!

Apple are using military grade imaging technology to battle Google maps in the race to get 3D digital world map of us…It’s the first time a private company has attempted something like this.

Apple and Google are sending drones up over our homes throughout the country. This isn’t something they are planning on doing, they ARE doing it. They want to produce snazzy aerial maps so detailed they can show objects just four inches wide.

Apple’s military-grade cameras are so powerful they could see into homes through skylights and windows. The technology is pretty much what they use to spot terrorist targets in Afghanistan.

(In 2010, Google acknowledged that the so-called Street View cars had been inadvertently collecting emails, passwords and other personal data from people’s home wireless networks.  It’s said to store this data was too good an opportunity – they’d figure out how to commercialise it later.)

“It’s their whole business model. And you are not their client; you are their product.” Senator Al Franken of Minnesota (referring to Facebook and Google),

Quick Apple is coming…!

Sources: Wired Magazine
The Daily Mail

3. Record Labels get an attack of the Fidel Castros…

Aloha ProMedia – a company formed by EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner are funneling money to University students to hunt down their own who are downloading illegally.

So the majors are now paying University students to dob in and trawl through social media, internet forums and blogs to find out who’s doing what and get hot leads for the Record Labels to pounce on.

Part 2 of the operation are these narc students when tracking down other students confront them and force them to settle for thousands…

Source: ZDnet

2. Perfect quote-of-the week to sum up…

“I think people have got so used to ever-increasing privacy invasion that they’ve almost become desensitised,” he said. “They think: what can we do?” Tim McBride, Civil Liberties Lawyer, New Zealand Herald, 13 June, 2012

NZ Herald 13 June, 2012

1. The Black Keys Outback and on the Spoons…

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