Howie’s Hot Five for…21 June, 2012

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5. Bed that makes itself…now that’s clever

The bed’s self-straightening mode can be activated manually or set to begin automatically three seconds after the sleeper gets out of the bed. Either way, the duvet, pillowcase and pillows are straightened mechanically, while the bottom sheet is kept in place through a Velcro attachment to the mattress cover. Specialty bedding is required, and for safety, the device won’t function if someone is still in the bed or if pressure is applied. Otherwise, the bed makes itself up in 50 seconds

4.  A Privacy Backlash on the Horizon

Check out last week’s Howie’s Hot Five which didn’t go to air. Were talking:
1. Drones – US Army launching more drones in South America and the Pacific – and getting US$2 billion plus to do it…
2. Drones 2 – Or where ‘street view maps’ get icky as Apple uses drones with military grade technology – as in all out war to out-do Google with a 3D street maps offering.
3. Record Majors EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner – funding a company to pay University students to dob in any ‘illegal downloading activity’

3. The vinyl will survives with a beer…

Mojo Music – the ‘kings of the back catalogue’  in business for 32 years and this week where Derek and The Dominos mint condition, 2 LP re-pressed set has just landed!

Mix a very, very high Australian dollar and music downloads = fight to survive (start humming ‘Eye of the Tiger’ at this point)

Hello Mojo Record Bar – imagine that a beer in your hand, surrounded by vinyl and flicking through the racks looking for that rare Hawkwind album…all at the same time!

And people who visit the bar on any night – can download the playlist of stuff they heard the following day.

2.  At home with Mum and Dad is booming…

US Census says the number of children living with their parents has increased 1.2 million in three years… Reason: A recession-coping strategy.

25-24 years of age: 15 .8 million live with their parents.

Why? 2008-2009 8.8 million jobs were erased in US economy.

Source: The Guardian

1. Fiona Apple says Happy Birthday Macca in purely brill way…

We introduce Fiona Apple (for those who don’t know her work) -Best described as the older surviving big sister of Amy Winehouse. Apple had in the 90’s live, on stage, ‘music’s most infamous on stage meltdown. A crying bout that didn’t stop.

For the past six years since her last album she says ‘she’s spent half of her time completely alone’. (And dated odd-ball magician David Blaine for a while)

Sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters with Johnny Cash on his America IV album

Latest album is called: The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than The Driver of the Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do.

And to tie in nicely with Macca’s 70th birthday this week…

For her latest single go here;

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One Response to Howie’s Hot Five for…21 June, 2012

  1. The Lengths says:

    You must be unaware that Mojo wouldn’t not exist if it was not for the illegal bootlegs they were making “out in the back room” and not only were they ripping off the big labels they were ripping off many small indie labels in very poor quality which is even worse. From what I understand they have burnt all there suppliers of new releases and reissues and are now resorting to selling crap second hand vinyl, go to any markets on a Saturday morning for a better deal, I grabbed a crate of great japanese reissue jazz for 30 bucks and a bunch of rare soul 7 inces about a month ago. There is more out there than expensive drinks and records. Just because Lemmy was briefly in Hawkwind it doesn’t make them great just as one great Gong record made them forgettable….. As they say you can’t polish a turd…. Enough said. Don’t believe the hype.

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