Howie’s Hot Five for…28 June, 2012

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5. Apple – tight to their very core…

Last year, during his best three-month stretch, Jordan Golson sold about $750,000 worth of computers and gadgets at the Apple Store in Salem, N.H. It was a performance that might have called for a bottle of Champagne — if that were a luxury Mr. Golson could have afforded. 
“I was earning $11.25 an hour,” he said. “Part of me was thinking, ‘This is great. I’m an Apple fan, the store is doing really well.’ But when you look at the amount of money the company is making and then you look at your paycheck, it’s kind of tough.”

Facts: (Simply to point out an intersting conundrum)

  • Last year the company’s 327 stores took in more money per square foot than any other American retailer – double that of Tiffany Diamonds which as No. 2.
  • Worldwide $16 billion dollars of merch
  • 30k of the 43k employees are in shops… and earn around US$11/hour or US$25k a year
  • Average US$ store employee last year sold $750,000 of goods !!!BUT:
  • When these facts were published the waiting lists if anything were longer to work for Apple…young kids love the brand and…
  • The company also offers very good benefits for a retailer, including health care, 401(k) contributions and the chance to buy company stock, as well as Apple products, at a discount.
  • One of the benefits of working for Apple, said one response, is that there are interesting people to meet, good friends to make, and huge savings on Apple products.

Source: Forbes

4. Bacon while you sleep…

What: An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of bacon cooking…

How: Instead of an alarm we have the following contraption-clock that allows you to then eat the cooking bacon…mmm

Just put a couple strips of  pre-cooked bacon on a paper towel in the teflon cooking tray the night before, and set the Cook Time for 4 minutes.

It just makes so much sense….

Source: Mathlete

3. Learn while you sleep…

Exam time – so learn while you sleep….

Little known fact – Kurt Russell’s first hit was ‘The computer wore tennis shoes’ by Disney (1969) featuring learning while you sleep… this is close

Northwestern University supported by the National Science Foundation has just completed a study:

– participants told to learn two pieces of music
– took 90 minute naps – while doing this the researchers quietly played one of the two pieces of music during the ‘slow wave sleep stage’
– Participants then made fewer errors on the piece played to them while sleeping
– They argue memory is strengthened for something you’ve already learned via these ‘sleep tutorials’.
– Perhaps enhance foreign language skills who knows…

Source: Futurity

2. Flipboard…

Aggregation – dull word but here’s what makes it exciting Flipboard
this is the most wonderful, lush, visual experience for PC, Iphone and especially the Ipad.

Here’s how it works – it grabs latest, most interesting articles and photos from publications and worthy blogs around the world and builds it in to a very groovy and user friendly magazine – it’s like you’re flicking the pages of a magazine as your scroll through… can pass an hour easy scrolling, reading and ooh ahhing over the rich photos…

It’s one of HH5’s secret vehicles…

1. Nora Ephron…

The world needs more sassy, intelligent, witty females – and we just lost one this week… so we step aside for a moment from ‘what’s trending and hip’ to say goodbye to the wonderful Nora Ephron… who had that “His girl Friday” sass and gave us Harry Met Sally, Silkwood, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail (how early a movie on email was that) and Julie and Julia.

“This is a woman who managed to blend the sophisticated witty dialogue and complex characters with the ability to appeal to an enormous mass audience, and that is easier said than done,” saysRobert Thompson, founder of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University in New York.

and was once married to Carl Bernstein …one of the guys who broke the Watergate Scandal…

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