Howie’s Hot Five for…12 July, 2012

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5. This definitely proves that God knows how to tap his left foot…

Researchers have “sonified” the data from the Large Hadron Collider collider experiment, making it possible to hear the newly confirmed Higgs boson “God particle” in a melody that resembles the dotted rhythm of the habanera, a Cuban dance which became popular in Spain in the early 19th century.

So data gleaned from the Large Hadron Collider and then set to its corresponding notes… and hey, hey, hey it’s a Cuban ‘four on the floor’ boogie.

“Long story short, more energy means the notes move up, less energy means notes move down.”

Source: Gizmodo

Higgs Boson Explained

4. Living in a subscription – streaming world…

Ok you’ve got your Spotify or Pandora (now available in NZ from this week) so why not read all the magazines you can via online subscription – we love this…

Next Issue is backed by five of the biggest US publishers  – and today they are launching an ‘all-you-can-read’ IPad application. Flat monthly fee starting at US$10 you access 39 magazines.

Opinion is divided on whether it will fly NZ$150.00 a year for mag’s in these tough times… in the US that’s expensive… while here in NZ we think that’s pretty reasonable. We at HH5 are hooked on reading mags on the Ipad. (We also recently subscribed to the New York Times – 99cent special for a month then after that its like US$15.)

This would work well in a Dentists waiting room – IPads with all these magazines on them.

Source: Mashable

3.  4D is coming to 200 US theatres…

3D is officially old news… 4D.

A spaceship has a rough landing…your seats will rock back and forward, at the shoot out huge fans expel the smell of smoke and gunpowder – as well tiny nozzles spray water, air, odors and up to 1000 scents  like coffee or a woman’s perfume. One Korean outfit is doing up to 20 blockbusters a year.
This guy hits some fog in the plot…

Source: LA Times

2.  New smells just for you…

It seems we want different smells from what we used to when cleaning the house…

“At one time everyone wanted these clean, traditional scents, but now consumers want a whole experience when they’re doing their laundry or washing their floors,” says Mr. Papas, an executive perfumer at Givaudan SA,GIVN.VX +0.54% which works with manufacturers to create scents for products.

Forget lemon and pine. People are fumigating their homes with exotic essences of ginger and hibiscus while scrubbing floors and bathtubs. That’s because packaged-goods makers, in their endless hunt for the new and improved, are ramping up the complexity of product fragrances. Adding an elaborate bouquet that consumers crave to a product line helps build loyalty, marketers say.”

Windex’s Magic Meadow scent smells like “fresh greens, morning dew and white jasmine.” Mr. Clean has New Zealand Springs, promising “ferns, forests and glacier-carved waterfalls.”

You want to evoke a feeling or emotion, like when you’re out in a meadow,”

“All the pomegranate you see today in home products started as a popular ingredient at gourmet food fairs,”

Watch out for Ginger Pear and Chocolate…

Source: The Wall Street Journal

1. John Peel’s Record Collection Online…

Let’s start at A…

ute design where you can nose around John Peel’s office with links to his Podcasts, Radio Shows, Photos and of course his record collection – all laid out on a shelves A to Z – and if an album is on Spotify it will come up with a ‘play now’ icon. Nice.

*The A’s were a Philadelphia power-pop / new wave band that almost made it. After taking the local scene by storm in the late 70s, the A’s quickly signed to Arista and released their eponymous debut LP. It made a splash locally but failed to break out nationally. A second LP followed, but it failed to make a blip on the charts. By the mid-1980s the A’s disbanded and scattered.

Source: The Smith Journal
John Peel HQ

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