Howie’s Hot Five for…19 July, 2012

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5. The Slap…

How long has it been since HH5 has watched ‘appointment, network Television.  Girls, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Louis CK…all come us via ‘friends from overseas’…

Wednesday night, TV3  – The Slap – two thumbs up people.

Why? Brilliant cast and actors that are at the top of their game.

Plot: A kid get’s slapped at a BBQ for being a total, little ‘gate’s-of-screaming-hell’ horror!

Question: Who’s side are you on?

Fact 1 : Forget the actual slap – it’s the aftermath via each main character’s eyes and daily life. Riveting.

Fact 2: Was even up for a British BAFTA – well down Australia.

4. Art of the scam…

A friend called HH5 last week – she was selling a car on Trademe – got a buyer from Australia all keen to buy – all that my friend had to do was to help with shipment by jacking up from NZ end and the buyer would add it to the purchase price…easy? No. SCAM

All over the Australian press this week are the new scammers – they’ve moved on from bad spelling about a sick aunt…but they’re still from Nigeria.


  • A$55 million a year ‘advance fee’ fraud in Australia
  • ’10’s of thousands of Australians still falling for these scams online
  • Use voice changing devices on the tele to alter African accents to perfect English
  • Romance scams alone in Australia = A$22 million per year or A$21,000 per victim
  • Beware online dating sites and auctions sites and now, flatmate wanted ads… the biggies.

e.g “The $5000 that Meredith Hoarey lost was all the money she had. She believed the man she had met online was an American soldier based in Iraq. In telephone and internet conversations over nine months, ”Sgt Zachary Smertyn” convinced Hoarey, 46, of his intention to be discharged from the US Army so that he could come to Australia to marry her.”

The story is ‘they love bomb you’…sending emails, poems, call you three times a day… and say they live just up the road’

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

3.  Teams that clean their colon’s together…stick together…

Talk about ‘not Madmen’…Group Cleanses are hip.

– An office-wide 1200 calorie a day office um,ah liquid only blow-out.

‘Generally one-to-five-days, all-liquid diets with anywhere from a half-dozen to as many as 150 employees taking part – [these] are emerging as one of the latest ways to solidify corporate bonds, on both Seventh Avenue and Wall Street.

We can thank Salma Hyek – co-owner of Cooler Cleanse who’s motto is ‘detox to your’ door.

Booming despite this from medical expert:  “Your liver and kidneys can handle toxins just fine,” said Joan Salge Blake, a Boston University associate professor of nutrition, who has studied fad diets. “There’s no science to back up cleansing.”

2. For stay at homers and autistic geniuses – your boat just came in….

Stanford University started it a year ago – and this week a dozen more similar power educators have joined them to offer 100 or more free massive open online courses, or MOOCs, that are expected to draw millions of students and adult learners globally.

Already 680, 000 students are registered from around the world in 43 courses…

They say the benefits and activity around this idea is ‘potentially a tsunami.  Because the quality of on-line video has improved so much and with programmes to allow bulk marking this is going to be a huge step to democratize learning.

Soon you’ll start to get credits toward a degree – at the mo it’s simply the joy of learning – and learning how to code your website etc or learn French or English.

One course on ‘model thinking’ (whatever that is) had 40,000 download the lecturers video – he said that equates to around 200 years worth of students.

1.  Lonely Boy – with the spoons and Wallabies…huh?

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