Howie’s Hot Five for…26 July, 2012

5. CHUGGING… charitable mugging….

Charity Mugging…the backlash just may start here.  (in what started off as perfect meeting of charities hiring commercial outfits to raise donations for them)

And this is a sensitive subject as Chuggers spruik for good causes.

The Scene: EVERYDAY outside your local post office there is a table with four bods bounding across the pavement to become your new best friends and talk para-Olympics, WWF, Greenpeace ….they want your money not just once but for an ongoing payment programme.

Fact 1: A good chugger can be on a very good wage – with hourly rate and individual signup fees awarded –  and with 45 million pounds handed over each year in the UK.

Fact 2: People are starting to avoid certain shop strips know for chuggers in the UK.

Fact 3: There are 24 fund-raising providers  – with one outfits 2 bosses paying themselves almost UK$1 million last year

In the UK people are so chugger fatigued some boroughs are saying – you’re allowed to chug only Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And the police have gotten involved to stop chuggers chasing people down the street.

Sources: The Guardian
The Telegraph

4. Dancing Dawk brings it home…(or follow your dreams no matter how naff)

The guy above started travelling the world in his 20’s – taking 4 seconds of ‘himself dawky dancing’ in the various country’s and cities he was in (42 countries)- on his own or surrounded by locals.  Edited together a short video on YouTube that went viral …and has kept on going viral ever since….

2008 – he got representation from Creative Artists Agency – sponsorship first by a chew gun company and lately Visa.

2012 – he’s now up to chapter five of his world travels (71 countries this time) and Visa sponsor him ‘no hassle travel’.    His latest is quite amazing and an ‘awww moment’ ends with him dancing with his wife and baby in their backyard.  It’s perfectly done!

Source: Pogue’s Post (NY Times)

3. 87 Gun Deaths a Day ….no Sh@#t Batman!

In yet another week of madness when US politicians both Obama and Mitt refuse to mention the ‘g’ word – here are just the facts:

– 4,000 people age 21 or younger have been shot in the last four years.

– The US currently averages 87 gun deaths per day!

– Cost of annual gun deaths to the US $100 billion

– Number of guns in the US = 300 million

– Gun permit applications jumped 41% in Colorado last week.

Source: The Daily Beast
 The Denver Post

2. Quote of the week:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein


1. 100 guitar licks…

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