Howie’s Hot Five for…16 August, 2012

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5. It’s looking like Group-off (not Groupon)

Groupon was once considered one of the Internet’s most brilliant startups…

Google offered to buy them for 6. Billion. Dollars. (say that with your pinky placed at the side of your mouth). They turned them down.

Opted for Share Float.

A year ago tech journalist Rakesh Agrawal drew gasps by calling Groupon – LOAN-SHARKS

Just the Facts:
First Year 2008 -94,000 revenue
2011 – $644 million each three months!

  • Reason for success: Riding high on small businesses willing to slash prices to get people through door.
  • Groupon deals screws down biz’s for very favourable cuts – First has to cut price 50-60% and often times Groupon demands up to 50% of final take.  So $10 burger – sell for $5 and G gets $2.50. (American Experience)
  • The Carrot: Groupon pays biz out first …so they get quick cash.
  • Sales staff sell on ‘future benefits of this branding, more and more customers you’ll get.
  • Common reality – you give away heaps of products to tight assed buyers who never show up again.Now on Stock Market – 2nd quarter results = dismal = business is drying up.

Source: Slate Online

4. AirBnb – just so right…

Just the Facts:

  • Created only 4 years ago
  • In June hit 10 million nights booked
  • Last Saturday night new record-60,000 bookings in one night-with 75% first time users
  • 174 countries
  • 30 languages
  • 8 private islands
  • 10% of users over 50
  • 320 users 70 years of age or older

This business is so right on so many levels – originality, introduces people from all over the world, it’s efficient to run as the home owner and guest do all the work!
And no one feels ripped off!

And now even the meek or ‘I can’t stand the thought of staying in someone else’s place’ …
are with it.

Big casualty: Flea pit hotels in tourist places that charge hundreds a night for fleas, threadbare hospitality. Yah!

Source: Techcrunch

3. All Men Are Liars except....(depression column)

sam de brito
All Men are Liars

HH5 sees itself cutting through the clutter on your behalf  – well here is one of our favourite helpers… IN CAPITALS – A GREAT BLOG FOR RIGHT THINKING MALES…

This Australian journalist does the impossible: churns out up to three hard hitting, interesting no bullshit articles a week for the Sydney Morning Herald.

E.g. Couple of weeks ago a succinct article entitled ‘Guilt’.

The elephant in the room here, of course, is depression. If a person is feeling regular, sustained guilt about something, whether it’s boozing, gambling or cheating and then beating themselves up about it, it’s also a good chance they’re depressed, aka stuck in the mud, bogged down.

In his Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece The Denial of Death, Ernest Becker recounts the work of psychotherapist Alfred Adler, a colleague of Freud, who described depression as “a problem of courage” and “a series of silent retreats”.

The depressed, writes Becker, “have lived lives of ‘systematic self-restriction’, and the result is that the less you do the less you can do, the more helpless and dependent you become. The more you shrink back from the difficulties and the darings of life, the more you naturally come to feel inept, the lower your self-evaluation.”

Source: All Men are Liars *Except Sam De Brito

2.  Let’s talk best free Anti-Virus…(Yawn but important)

Here’s a heads-up… forget your ‘free anti-virus’ …if you are using a PC don’t got past Microsoft Security Essentials. (secure download page on C-net and quick review)
A second review is here

Especially if you are basic user who needs to be protected but needs to forget it’s there.

Frankly we used to be fans of  freebies like AVG and Avast – both free but now coming with those pesky-pain-in-butt ‘free toolbars’ that attach themselves like limpets to your PC…

 1. “Somebody I Used to Know” is now bloody well-known…

‘You’re not Obama that I sued to know’ anyone? Try Here

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