Howie’s Hot Five for… 20 September, 2012

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5. Silence and Privacy… the danger roles on…

Civilian drones are about to cause major privacy issue…

Watch superb Video here

Privacy concerns because the Australian police are talking about using drones for crime fighting… as well ‘un-registered’ drone operators have been raising their dubious heads.

Un-registered = paparazzi (photos of celebs) and bike gangs (keeping meth lab’s guarded) using them for illicit purposes – and under current law anything goes.

N.B. They take superb imagery…

And also be afraid if this becomes an avalanche: Queensland Police said it was “in a research and testing stage to determine viability” of such aircraft.

Operations under investigation ... drones.

Several law enforcement agencies around Australia are believed to be investigating the use of drones in their operations — following adoption by police in the United States — but none except Queensland Police would confirm this officially. Victoria Police hosted a conference in Melbourne this year with police from other states to discuss drone use.

“The very first 20th-century anti-utopian novel — 25 years before Orwell’s 1984 — used drones (“aeros” ) as the means by which the government observed and repressed the population.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

N.B. The issue: drones are simply not considered in any privacy legislation – free reign.

4. Rwanda…rocking with success…

We love the apocryphal story about a group of leading African economists writing to Bono; Dear Bono, please leave us alone, Signed Africa.

Well here’s some good news for the economists…re: Rwanda!

The Facts:

Exhibit No. 1 Rwanda

  • This year Rwanda (that ex-ethnic cleansing atrocity story with 800,000 slaughtered in 1994) has moved up 7 places on the world competitiveness index to number 63 out of 140 countries…
  • Annual GDP in the last few years of 7% (annual average economic growth of 8% a year since 2004)
  • The reason – new President wants to be totally diff from his neighbours by making it easy to do business – The Internet is super fast, the airport is totally free of corruption, we can then lure to Rwanda all the companies and economic interests that are working in this entire region (See new book: A Thousand Hills, by Stephen Kinzer)
  • American agronomists have been in to advise on growing super premium grade coffee
  • The President has visited Singapore to see how to upskill people

Exhibit No. 2 – US hotel chains!

“International hotels racing to Africa”….reported the Wall Street Journal this week.

  • Marriott = 0 hotels in Africa…but not for long. Opening in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda late ’13 – with eight more planned in Ghana and Ethiopia.
  • Hilton Worldwide Inc. and Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, owner of the Radisson Blu brand – also in the race.
  • Overall 208 new hotels expected across Africa.

Why? Because crowds of business travellers are flocking to Africa thanks to minerals and natural gas.

  • Only Asia is experiencing more growth.
  • Airline Travel up 9.8% to sub-Saharan Africa – outpacing global growth which is 6.8%

Source: Wall Street Journal

3. Christmas Cake…. and we ain’t talking icing…

America and Japan have biggest rates of adoption in the world…with one difference: 98% of all adoptions in Japan are young males between 25 – 30 years of age…


To either ‘create’ and heir to take over a family business or put the wind up a poor performing blood heir.

“You pick a candidate, an adoptee, preferably from Tokyo University, a smart person, and so on, and someone you have the opportunity to observe. And then you sort of do…what is called an omiai, which literally means ‘see marriage’, with one of your daughters…Then the person marries your daughter and is adopted into the family.”

This strategy is particularly important if you have a daughter who’s a wedding cake! Over 25 and unmarried…!

It’s a joke in Japan – after 25 a woman is like a Christmas cake…hard to dispose of after the 25th…

Japanese, unmarried, after 25 and adopting sons to keep the family name of old family firms going.

Does love matter – marrying into family with business ain’t about love – and hopefully grow to love each other.

2. El Capitan!

The above dog was adopted as a puppy by Miguel Guzman of Corboba, Argentina in 2005.

March 2006 Miguel died.

The Dog disappeared for a while.

BUT – when the family went to visit Miguel’s grave there was the dog – Capitan – and to this day the dog has refused to leave – six years later.

So all the caretakers ensure he has his shots and a vet even visits to do a check up sometimes. Capitan hangs out with the caretakers but every night returns to Miguel’s grave… and lays his head down on the tombstone.

1. The Last Word Goes to Casey Kasem…

DJ to the 70’s.

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