Howie’s Hot Five for… 27 September, 2012

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5. Rent a Grand Ma…

Whoever gets this out in the market in New Zealand will be a winner…

HH5 predicts when the ‘rent-a-grandma’ wave hits – it’ll be as big as the ‘au pair’ (nanny) industry …

Fact: Western world is an aging population …but we’re getting progressively healthier…So this idea is simple business common sense.

  • Next 20 year projection state more people over 45 in New Zealand than under 45.
  • The number of +65 is set to double.
  • In a place like the Taranaki in only 19 years time there’ll be more 65 years than those under 25.
    (source: Sunlive)

On the big questions of the economy vs aging population – China doesnt’ looks so powerful any more… it’s a test case:

The reason why Japan and China are “test cases” for global population aging is quite straightforward: Both countries have populations that are aging at unprecedented rates, and each country faces the distinct challenges of the developed and developing world, respectively.

…In Japan, population aging is driving technological innovation.  e.g. Toyota’s independent walking assist robot.

Source: Huffington Post

4. Peak time…

Fresh from The Wall Street Journal = know your Circadian Rhythm and you can save your self your health and get more done.

Latest research says pinpoint that time of the day when you’re alert to attend to tasks such as resolving conflict to thinking creatively.
Know your Circadian Rhythm people!

Disruption of circadian rhythms has been linked to such problems as diabetes, depression, dementia and obesity, says Steve Kay, a professor of molecular and computational biology at the University of Southern California.

Let’s look at most adults:

  • Cognitive work (memory, thinking, problem solving) = late mornings.  (A warm shower can jump start the move into this type of thinking at this time of day.)
  • Noon- 4pm – thinking = forgedaboutit  – tired, useless. = Take a nap at 2 pm
  • Open-mind free thinking = good when you are tired, fatigues = the evenings.  Fatigue allows the mind to wander!
  • 3-6pm best for physical exercise – risk free alert zone

Nb. Morning people tend to wake up and go to sleep earlier and to be most productive early in the day. Evening people tend to wake up later, start more slowly and peak in the evening – so you need to adjust the above for these types.

Source: Wall Street Journal

3. Avira … best free anti-virus

Word up and other weak intro’s – HH5 a couple of months ago put us on to Microsoft Security Essentials as one of the best free anti-virus – here is the final word for now on the five best free anti-virus programmes:

Avira  – best by far but a muddle interface – we say give it a go…
Microsoft Security Essentials is in the top five – is ok they say.
AVG is there as well but comes with our warning that it uses just too many resources on your PC…it’s heavy.

Source: MakeUsOf

2. Madonna… a tin ear…

Good old jumping the shark – Fonzi water skiing in his leather jacket…and togs, Tom C on Oprah’s Couch (True Blood – ouch!) and Madonna’s career is a slow motion shark jump…

How did a commercially savvy ear turn so tinny… and misstep so badly but so consistently…  an over determination to remain ‘relevant’ maybe?

– Nazi insignia – 20 years ago hip – suddenly it looks ‘try hard’ (apologies and took then out)
– Flashed her breasts in Turkey
– Flashed her buttocks in Rome
– Even allowing a feud with Lady Gaga… Currently mashes Express Yourself and Born this Way in case we forget the similarity – yet it ends up looking simply bitter.
– Latest – Joking on Monday night about ‘having a black Muslim in the White House’  = a lead balloon. (has just apologised)

Being called a fairground stripper who’s career is over by Elton John is the least of her worries…(his excellent advice was to forget electronic gadgetry and get back to Ray of Light’ and exquisite pop)

Source: Vancouver Sun

1. Psy – the most intense virus

From 50 Shades of Grey (a nothing online published porn series to world domination and now Psy….out of South Korea…wrapping in Korean and no.2 selling Download in the US this week – who would have thought (not Madonna that’s for sure)

Get hip with Gangnam Style and K Pop and Psy!
Clips released July 15 of this year featuring a pudgy South Korean rapper in a suit…
264 million youtube views and a spot on Ellen…

It’s going to get worse…Psy has just signed with Scooter Braun the guy who discovered and drives Justin Bieber’s career.

Source and K Pop backgrounder: Vulture

Psy attended the Berkley School of Music and returned to Korea and K Pop (sub genre of Asian dance music)

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