Howie’s Hot Five for… 11 October, 2012

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5. Fast tracking Aotearoa into TV world…

Not to mention New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and X Factor – same week in New Zealand as they hit the gigglebox in the USA!

Fast Tracking is treating the wired citizens like adults and it will make downloading more inconvenient…  it’s getting to be ‘hours of release’ in the US. This is how it should be.

Anecdotal evidence suggests fast-tracked content performs best when aired within 24 hours of its international broadcast. (Sydney Morning Herald)

PS. HH5 can’t wait for Nashville – starring the wife off American Horror Story and written by Thelma and Louise writer who’s married to T Bone Burnett who of course is doing the music.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

4. Giz a car mate…Australian style

At risk of harping HH5 featured this trend a few weeks back – BUT it’s getting closer to Auckland that land of one person per car in a line waiting to park their car in an office building and leave it there for 15 hours or so… cos they work hard ok!

This week sees Australia’s first peer-to-peer car share start-up kickoff:

Car Next Door  with company strapline: cut carbon emissions and take cars off the road as well as encourage neighbourly ties…

Business model:

  • Users join and pay a monthly fee to use cars and lenders receive 75% of the rental proceeds
  • Lenders set their own fees $5-15 per hour to $55 a day.
  • Perfect example of the booming trend of ‘collaborative consumption’… and making more sensible use of resources.

Source: SMH

3. Introducing the US’s no.1 Drug Killer…

We are talking over the counter pills…everyday pharmacy poppers!

Great story in this week’s Wall Street Journal: The drugs that killed her didn’t come from the Colombian jungles or an Afghan poppy field. Two of the three drugs found in her system were sold to Ms. Kinkade, legally, at the two biggest U.S. pharmacies.


  • 15000 Americans are dying a year from overdosing opioids  – prescription painkillers  – more are dying from these than from ALL OTHER ILLEGAL DRUGS COMBINED (Meth, Coke, Heroin etc)
  • Yet $15 billion a year spent on the ‘war against drugs’ … or illegal drugs much of it on foreign soil.
  • Hard to fight because there’s a complete distribution chain up and running…  and no bad guys to target.
  • Legal opioids come from the same narcotic family as heroin  – produce similar addictions so – they’re basically legal heroin pills.

And – there is no conversation about moving any part of the $15 billion away to combat this number one killer – easier to put a picture of a bad guy up or a bad country and spend, spend, spend… everybody wins… or not.

Source: Wall Street Journal

2. JetBlue… a lesson in great PR

JetBlue plan a campaign to fly voters out of the US if their Presidential Candidate doesn’t win – return ticket or one way!

  • Log on to mini-site – vote for Mitt-baby or BObama – and choose one of 13 locations to fly.
  • Once the results of the real election are announced, JetBlue will give 1,006 voters the opportunity to get out of the country, either on a return trip or for good for free.

Source: Springwise

1. Action Bronson… whoa!

A son of Albanian immigrants, a respected fire-flame gourmet chef, obese and a flame red headed rapper… Has his own online cooking show Action in the Kitchen.

Source: MySpace-What’s Hot

Offical Web Page

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