Howie’s Hot Five for… 18 October, 2012

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5. New use for Superman’s changing room….

We like this idea of turning old phone booths into ‘digital information hubs’….

..simply add a screen and wifi…

Starting in New York…250 smart screens are being installed… so people can get instant information ….outfit called City24x7 is behind it

“…display interactive hyper-local neighborhood information, including details about restaurants, stores, and safety alerts. There will also be a 311 icon that allows users to access City information and file complaints.”

The booths have 32 inch touch screens to view real-time news in that locale, transport info, new bars and restaurant reviews,  – and in multi languages.  They double as a free wifi hotspot …big point-of-difference – all content is dedicated to that exact location… cheap coffee deal around the corner, nearest taxi stand etc.

Source: Fast Company

4.What’s the No.1 Wheat Free Breakfast?

Answer: Porridge!

Now the hottest breakfast – first because its wheat free.
Second – it’s low on the glycaemic index – so avoiding sugar highs.
Third, it’s low in calories and fat.

Proof – in the UK – growth in oats purchased in supermarkets has grown 60%

Finally the 19th annual World Porridge Championship was held two weeks ago – in The Highlands with contestants from the US and Sweden.
And here’s the winner:

3. Smoking banned in Apartment blocks…

Will we see the end of smoking in our lifetime?
The San Fransisco suburb of San Rafael has banned smoking in ‘multi-family’ homes – apartment buildings, condos – both privately owned and rented…. as well as outlawing smoking on downtown streets.

This makes San Rafael the 10th Californian municipality to pass such ordinances.  So effectively outlawing what you choose to do in the comfort of your own home… and to think we thought Singapore was a ‘controlled state’ with litter fines etc.

Source: The Consumerist

2. Low five… Rolling Stone Tickets…ouch!

First live Stone’s shows in five years will set you back anywhere between $200 -very cheap seats to $2000 for a place in the ‘tongue pit’ (standing) as well as three course dinner.

In short: What a successful corporation the Stones are.

2 concerts each in London and New Jersey.

Check out how much they are making as we speak: The Rolling Stones Salary Live

Source: The Week

1. El Gusto… Chaabi music…

Now the story behind these guys makes the Buena Vista Social Club’s pale in comparison…

An Algerian born architect – 22 year old woman wanders into a shop in the Casbah in Algeria – looks at some old photographs and hears this amazing story of Jewish and Muslim musicians from 50 years before.

It starts in the Casbah of old Algiers and French colonial rule when Jews and Muslims lived together… hanging out in french bars and bistros ….playing music.  Chaabi music.

With independence in 1962 the Jews had to flee and the Muslims were relocated to tower block hamlets on the outskirts of town.

After 50 years on September 30th these old Jewish and Muslim musicians met up again – in their 80’s  – to play this mix of Andalusian and Berber (inhabitants of Northern Africa) sounds – thanks to the young Irish-based Algerian Architect who hunted down the musicians  – some in their 90’s.

She started making a movie of the project – got breast cancer – put it aside, – recovered – and in 2o12 released El Gusto – the movie.   You had men who hadn’t seen each other in 50 years weeping. Now they’re touring to Oslo, LA, New York and Chicago.

Source: New York Times

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