Howie Hot Five for… 1 November, 2012

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5. Oscar says hello to the over 60’s female (possibly)…

Oscar buzz this year is all about … the youngest and oldest females ever nominated possibility.

First up, Quvenzhané Wallis, the lead in Beasts of the Southern Wild, who will be 9 years old in January when the Academy Award nominations are announced. (She was only 5 when she first auditioned for the film.)

But it’s an 86 year old French actress and 77 year old Judy Dench that the pundits are excited about.

  • Emmanuelle Riva, an 85-year-old French actress who’s impressive as a dementia-stricken wife in Michael Haneke’s devastating Amour – turning 86 on the day of the Oscars
  • 77 year old Dame Judy Dench for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Source: The Vulture

4. Stand back …it’s and over 50 Female…or ‘older sisters are doing it for themselves…

Previously ignored by advertisers the over 50 female population are shoving their fists in the air …and it’s full of dollars… (and most importantly ‘indulgence snacking’)

Age specific ads for the over 50 female are now the norm… French Vogue, American Apparel, MAC makeup  – are all featuring 54 to 60 year olds’ as their ‘faces’.

Australian women the most economically empowered in the world – topped a list of 128 countries for women’s access to education, equal pay, childcare and anti-discrimination policies

And advertisers are now targeting women over 50 – so expect more sex romps with the likes of Meryl Streep…? independent, more influential and more affluent.

Not ‘mid life crisis but mid-life opportunity – and the art of ‘she marketing’.

Confident, intelligent women with a wealth of life experience and hard-won economic and personal autonomy will help mightily to jettison stereotypes and make a massive contribution to an increasingly more sophisticated and vibrant Australian society.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

3. The Ultimate Aging Story…

Welcome to the Greek Island of Ikaria…

Health scare in US – nine months to live so moved back to his Greek Island …moved in with his mother…after a month of so in bed…got energetic …planted a vege garden and waited to day …but he didn’t

  • He woke up when he felt like it,
  • Worked in the vineyards until midafternoon,
  • Made himself lunch…with vino
  • Then took a long nap… he’s now 97 years old.

Island of Ikaris is part of the study of places where people live longest…

For women it’s Okinawa, Costa Rica and  Sardinia.

And on the Greek Island of Ikaris the population is reaching the age of 90 at two and a half times the rate Americans do.

They were also living about 8 to 10 years longer before succumbing to cancers and cardiovascular disease, and they suffered less depression and about a quarter the rate of dementia.

Almost half of Americans 85 and older show signs of Alzheimer’s. (The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that dementia cost Americans some $200 billion in 2012.) On Ikaria, however, people have been managing to stay sharp to the end.

Researchers asked one of the only doctors on the Island – ‘ We wake up late and always take naps. I don’t even open my office until 11 a.m. because no one comes before then.” He took a sip of his wine. “Have you noticed that no one wears a watch here? No clock is working correctly. When you invite someone to lunch, they might come at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. We simply don’t care about the clock here.”


  • breakfast of goat’s milk,
  • wine,
  • sage tea
  • coffee,
  • honey and bread.
  • Lunch was almost always beans (lentils, garbanzos), potatoes, greens (fennel, dandelion or a spinachlike green called horta) and whatever seasonal vegetables their garden produced;
  • dinner was bread and goat’s milk.

and very littel refined sugar.

Young Blood…

Ok here goes…Young blood may reverse the signs of aging…

A new study by researchers at Stanford University shows that injections of young blood can reverse the signs of aging in mice.

The facts:

  • Older mice being injected with young mouse blood
  • Boosted memory and improved learning in older geezer mice
  • Promoted older stem cells in the mice to ‘act’ young again
  • The mice went under 8 blood transfusions per month
  • Kim Jong-il, for example, used to “inject himself with blood from healthy young virgins

Source: The Atlantic

1. So it’s True Blood, Old Vampires and a ‘fang-banging’ future for the young?

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