Howie’s Hot Five for 8 November, 2012

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5. Velcro or Teflon – What’s your stress…

For Velcro stress artists – when stress happens it sticks to them – and after several years their health starts to pack up.

For Teflon stress artists – the stress slides off them.

“Our research shows that how you react to what happens in your life today predicts your chronic health conditions 10 years in the future, independent of your current health and your future stress,” says David Almeida, professor of human development and family studies at Penn State.

What’s different about is the research carried out continuous weekly interviews about the participants day and also took saliva samples to test for stress hormone cortisol. They did this research in 1995 and ten years later in 2005.

HH5 takeout: it’s not the stress – it’s how we react. Stress is a fact of life.

Source: Futurity

4. Colourblindness…

Can’t make out the No.2  = you may have red-green colourblindness

So if you’re colour blind:
– You’re unsure if the meat is cooked
– It’s difficult to read traffic lights – is that red or green?
– You aren’t allowed to pilot planes
– 32 million Americans or 8% of men and 0.5% of women.

Enter new website and smartphones apps.  E.g. Videogame makers are including ‘colourblind user options’. …and a cure for colourblindness may not be far off – after colourlbind squirrels were injected with the missing gene into their retinas.

The Apps: CB people look through their smartphone at a scene and it changes all the reds and greens into basic versions easier for CB people to see. “magic eyes” as one sufferer says of the apps.

Wall Street Journal

3. Chardonnay is back…it’s hip… and it’s been this way for a while…

So get with it!

For wine ‘wxxkers’ Sideways the buddy-wine trail-movie (the gentler, kinder version of The Hangover) killed their Merlot sales – causing US sales to drop by more than 2%….and Pinot Noir rose by 15% (Paul Giamatti’s character hates Merlot, loves Pinot Noir). There are still plonkers out there who ‘detest’ Merlot.

The wine reviewer in the Sydney Morning Herald has suddenly discovered one Chardonnay to rave about  – Especially Kumeu River. “Ringing all the bells” they say.
“restraint, finesse and drinkability” – so unlike huge butter tasting crap from 1980’s.

So Auckland Chardonnay take a bow.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

2. House Porn…

Fuck your magazine stack coffee table with an antler on top.

Fuck your magazine stack coffee table with an antler on top.

(from the terrific site ‘fuck your noguchi coffee table’)

On both sides of the Tasman within hours of each other both NZ Herald and The Sydney Morning Herald have penned ‘house porn’ articles related to the shrill-pitch state of these cities housing markets.

First up was Deborah Hill-Cone – on November 4th. (One of the best op-ed writers in the Herald…besides Bob Jones of course!)

Don’t envy the people in huge homes with music video furnishings … they’re victims of the house-porn con. She brilliantly compared her parents attitude to buying a house, to live in it and to raise your kids – and our approach now.

– ‘Buy recently done up house in Ponsonby then ‘I must change it all to reflect the acute and cleverly creative individual that I am darling!’ (HH5’s words here)

More Cone: This is not normal. Since when was it considered a reasonable aim for most middle class people to have a house as glamorous and sterile as a five-star hotel….
… We don’t go to church anymore, but it seems to be accepted that you are a more virtuous person if you live in a brutally decluttered house with a mountain of silk scatter cushions.

A recent New York Times article referred to in the SMH as ‘addictive yearning’  – a longing for a life we think we should have but don’t.  Adding; ‘touring interiors stores as though walking through art galleries’.

Re: Auckland house price investment craziness – HH5’s advice is that of Warren Buffet;

“When others are greedy be fearful – when others are fearful be greedy.’

Sources: NZ Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
New York Times

1. Jool’s Holland’s latest one night success story…

(KT Tunstall and Adele charged through Late with Jools Holland out of nowhere to stardom…Next up it’s Lianne La Havas.

18 October… sort of overnight success for this 23 year old… daughter of a bus driving jazz musician…Lianne La Havas.

Nominated for a Mercury Prize, Stevie Wonder called her and sang one of her songs to her on the telephone and Prince has asked to record her. Sort of Adele…in that both unique and natural way – see if it’s your thing and then get in early before cafes, hairdresser and airport terminals get on to it a la Adele.

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  1. S.Howie says:

    Wow, such a great voice on her Mike, I love her!

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