Howie’s Hot Five for… 15 November, 2012

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5. Low Five – NO MORE COP (public relations) SHOWS

Drug Squad – Police Dog Dan takes a hit chasing thieves – TV1

Police Ten 7  – ex Cop goes all unsolved stolen caravans and young people doing bad -TV1

Border Patrol – customs deals with all those bad people – foreigners! TV2

The Force (after Border Patrol) behind the scenes with cops. TV2

The Suspects (After The Force) – Aust reality cop show TV2

Police Doco – following cops in New Zealand and Norway (interview with NZ cop Union -‘we need guns’)

Drug Bust – Police raid suburban homes  – and a routine car search reveals a  man wearing the wrong pants

So on average a police recruitment advertisement is on our Television one day every week…

4. Web Radio – a beginner’s guide…

We at HH5 love following music listening trends – especially as the music listening industry is in complete turmoil – as usual – since that little bugger invented Napster – if only he didn’t the record companies would still be charging $30 for a 1 cent CD (production costs) and making obscene profits…

So what is it this week Downloading, Streaming, Subscription, Pirating etc.

This just in – Web Radio is where it’s at!  27% growth compared to the likes of Spotify etc (streaming).

And in the USA the war over Internet Radio Royalty Payments is about to get very, very hot.

Survey by US firm NPD:

  • AM/FM radio remains America’s favourite listening choice
  • Next…streaming radio (web radio) has replaced the CD for second place – big reason for this is Pandora’s move into cars  – so direct web radio feeds to cars
  • Listening to digital files on players has dropped and continues to drop

FYI Here’s Howie’s Hot Five favourite Web Radio stations:

  • KCRW  – listen live or pick your programmes – seriously good stuff for music geeks! (Morning Becomes Eclectic rocks! e.g this week it’s Patti Smith live in the studio, next day Lianne La Havas and Sea Wolf
  • BBC 6 – Great music radio from UK -with everyone from Damon Albarn  to Guy Garvey turning up with their own radio shows
  • BBC 4   – in great tradition of Brit Radio – lots of excellent interview and docos…you can easily leave it on all day.
  • WFMUfantastic ‘freeform’ internet radio station out of New Jersey.
  • Podcasts: This American Life and The Moth

Source: CNET

3.  No! Size does matter…

This just in:

Men who have sperm that tend to vary in length—particularly in the tail—often have a lower concentration of sperm that can swim well, a possible sign of fertility trouble.

“Our study reveals that men who produce higher concentrations of competent swimming sperm also demonstrate less variation in the size and shape of those sperm,” says Jim Mossman, a postdoctoral scholar at Brown University.

“It suggests that in some cases, testes are working more optimally to produce high numbers of consistently manufactured sperm, and vice versa.”

Source Futurity.

2. Tavi Gevinson…a real phenom…



If you haven’t heard of this fashion phenom – could be time to check her out – Tavi Gevinon started a fashion blog when she was 11 that went ballistic – so at 12 she was sitting ringside at all the Paris and New York fashion shows and blogging to her millions of followers…so where is she now?

Her pronouncements were “I strong feel daisies are still the best thing ever.”   Tweenies with Apple Macs lapped her up… and her thick glasses and dyed grey-blue hair.

She is still a fashion blogger but now fully fledged online impresario….

Last year she stared online magazine Rookie  – it’s such a clever, brilliant little site aimed at stylish teenaged girls…  as well as contributors Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham, John Hamm and Judd Apatow (boy advice to teenage girls)

Oh and she’s given a TED Talk and appeared on stage at the Museum of Metropolitan Art – and recently completed a 16 city blog tour talking to young teenage girls across America.

Girls who are a bit dorky but fashionable and don’t read 17 love her – and there are millions of them.

Sources: New York Times

1. Moveover Psy – there’s more like you on the way…

Ok Psy has taken over the world – brilliant and out of nowhere phenom. 700 million youtube hits and a UK No.1.

Trade body IFPI says the industry in future will invest heavily in pop acts in Japan, China, Korea and South America – after identifying those countries as the next home of Gaga or Rhianna.   Up until now it’s been all UK, US, Germany and France for industry investment.

These guys won’t be getting signed by pop hunters because they already total hot – Mexican Institute of Sound – electronic out of Mexico who’s member include the President of EMI Mexico – fusing electronica with Mexican folk traditions.

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