Howie’s Hot Five for…22 November, 2012

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5. Minorities take home the USA

Makeup of who elected Barack Hussein Obama
71% Latino
93% of Black vote
55% of the female vote
so everyone but… wealthy, white men.

Republicans a “Mad Men Party in a Modern Family World” quoted Maureen Dowd.  Use of terms like ‘traditional America’ actually ended up being a delusional concept.

Source: Maureen Dowd -NY Times

By the way … Colorado and Washington have just voted to legalise marijuana.

4. New fang-dangled bracelets that may make sense

Fad ... the Jawbone Up Band.

STOP PRESS! Body weight may be linked to food intake and exercise …yikes!

Studies have shown that if you can track how much – you are not doing – so monitoring your negative behaviour – spending too much, eating too much etc.

Nike FuelBand for $150.00
Jawbone Band $130.00…

both these let you constantly know how well or badly you are doing  – and compare with others online  – so motivating to make behavioural changes by leaving the bands on all the time. ..then with Facebook and Iphone Apps all your activity (or inactivity) is tracked. …even tracks your nights sleep, how long it takes you to drift off, light and deep sleep patterns…..wave the bracelet over the barcode of the food you’re eating and it’ll track the calories…..

…then once you get going it’ll report on what days you sleep well, badly, what days you eat more eat etc.

Source: Nike FuelBand

3. Hens in your backyard are so last year…

Hello Quail…or more correctly hello Japanese Quail and their eggs.  A new ‘global interest’.   Quail boom in London and Sydney.

Great if you want to collects eggs etc but don’t have the room – you can put them on a balcony – the quail that is.

“…apparently full of vitamin D, rumoured to stimulate growth, increase sexual appetite and stimulate brain function.

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald

2. Silo Park – it must be summer!

Friday nights the Silo Market kicks off at 5 pm.
Followed by family films with kick off tomorrow The Blues Brothers…
Source: Silo Park Calendar

1. Sydney!

Bonanza of gigs – all in one week…As the famous travel writer Jan Morris once wrote  – it’s the best modern city in the world…

Monday = Radiohead
Tuesday = Ben Harper
Wednesday = Beck
Thursday = Coldplay
Thursday = Elton John
Thursday = Dwight Yoakam
Friday = Grizzly Bear
Saturday/Sunday = Dexys Midnight Runners + Dandy Warhols

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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