Howie’s Hot Five for… 5 December, 2012

This week’s theme is vaguely – reinvention…

5. Tracey Thorn does it right? (Seasonally)

or reinventing the utterly boring and tired concept of the Christmas Album with Tinsel And Lights.

Nicely done with no ‘icing’ with our Trace looking at Dolly, Jack (White) and Randy (Newman)…

and for Tracey Thorn freaks she has her autobiography coming out soon Bedsit Disco Queen

4.Paper towels…rule!

You walk into the toilet what do you do… paper or blow?

Stop Press: There is no downside to PAPER.

But what about the Environment!! Blowers us so much more energy than it takes to make a paper towel.
Here’s the findings from Mayo Clinic study of every Paper Towel study from 1970 onwards…

  • Drying skin is essential to removing bacteria
  • Paper doesn’t splatter germs around like blowers do
  • Paper won’t dry your hands out
  • Remember some dorks don’t wash their hands at all…paper can be used to open the door on way out
  • Blowers spread bacteria 3 to 6 feet from the device

Source: The Wall Street Journal

3. Christmas Mince Pies at Mamata

Map to Mamata Bakery, Grey Lynn – that institution on the ‘dog-leg’ of Richmond Rd in West Lynn shops keeps on keeping on. Spend o$1.70 on their Christmas Mince Pies… the  perfect investment.


2. Bryan Ferry – reinvention.


Sorry…the Bryan Ferry Orchestra.

Here Bazza in a suit does everything but sing or play and instrument – and let’s the best of Brits Dixie Jazzers ‘Do the Strand’ etc. … perfect prezzy for Mum and Dad and interesting reinvention.

Sources: The Guardian

1. Sherry – get in early… 

If you want to be totally hip at home this Christmas …if you want to fend off  ‘so what are you going to do to make a living, why do you listen to that racket’ etc etc… whip out a bottle of …sherry. 

Make sure it’s the real stuff and not the corner offy- plastic petrol container stuff… makes sure it’s Spanish – and start out safe with a Manzanilla (slightly softer, fruitier variety)

The US is starting to go nuts on good sherry again… Sherry is back in trendy bars … in the US and New Zealand – try Freida Margolis in Grey Lynn…the perfect example!

And buy sherry to keep the Spanish sherry bodegas going – it’s tough times in Spain and these guy are doing it rough …but still make labour intensive works of art in a bottle.

Our sherry: La Gitana


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