Howie’s Hot Five goes out across the nation of New Zealand each Friday morning on the wonderful Morning Glory show with Charlotte on 95BFM…

You can check in on podcasts and the live show at 95BFM and be sure to stream it live at around 11:40 am every Friday!

If you’ve got any ideas or you are doing howie’s hot five-friendly stuff…we’d love to hear from you…


One Response to About

  1. Hi Howie —
    Love your Top 5 and try to catch you every week. Have you heard of Rethink>>Reusable Fresh Produce Bags?
    Every day thousands of single use plastic bags leave our supermarkets. To try and cut this pollution, Reusable Fresh Produce Bags were launched to use and re-use when shopping for fruit and veggies. The bags are sustainably produced, certified organic and 100% biodegradable and tared at participating supermarkets. This means that the weight of the bags are pre-entered at check so you only pay for your produce and not the extra weight of the bags.
    I’m really trying to build exposure of this product / service because unless it starts to take-off, I am aware the supermarkets may drop it.
    If you’re interested, I love to send you some – they even smell organic!

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