Howie’s Hot Five for…20 December, 2012

I wanted and electric train for Christmas – but I got the saxophone instead – Clarence Clemons

2012 – Whatever happened to the Lana Del Ray ‘controversy’?

5. Five top Death Bed Regrets…

A nurse in palliative care in India has had long career in nursing patients who on average have only three weeks to live.  So here are the number five most common regrets she hears:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me
  2. I wish I didn’t work so hard (This came from every male patient she nursed!)
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
  5. I with I’d let myself be happier (Many of us don’t realise happiness is a choice and we stay stuck in same patterns and habits)

4. AirBnB…whoa!

1. Rip-off hotels in hip cities have been put on notice…
The Idea:  Airbnb connects people looking for places to stay to those with floor space, rooms and entire apartments or houses to rent.

Success Point: Obama Democratic Convention in Denver when ‘everyone young’ wanted to be be there.  People listed their accommodation on AirBnB and this really sent them global.

They’ve just this month rolled out in Russia… and 5 million guests nights have been brought throughout the world thus far.

AirBnB currently has 100,000 listings in 19,000 cities in 192 countries

(n.b. HH5 has just used AirBnB to book New York and Berlin!)

UPDATE:AirBnb has just announced that by the end of the this year they will be filling more rooms than Hilton Hotels International. (Hilton has 525,000 rooms in 77 countries). The big diff? AirBnbers spend less on accomo and heaps more on the surrounding businesses.  AirBnb has hit 10 million guest nights

Apart from HH5 being inundated with ‘wow…I’ve now used that AirBnb you talked about… we see Auckland’s poor property millionaires vacuuming spare rooms in Ponsonby and Grey Lynn…AND in the US hello Shiny Republic – a company that now exists because of AirBnb and rates AirBnb neighbourhoods – based on transportation, services, quality of local restaurants and more.

Source: San Fransisco Chronicle

3. FOMO!

We’ve mentioned Zen Habits before. So this week the big announcement was made ‘the future of television’ – IMAX TV in your living room. Another future of TV and another gadget. (We thought HD was it!). So suddenly we stop polishing the dials of our Iphone 4′s and look at the sky, something else I want… it never stops!

So we stopped and read The 39th Lesson by Leo Babauta – the guy who started Zen Habits… all about FOMO – ‘the fear of missing out’ .
The new full-on-age of texting while driving, incessant checking of facebook, taking a call when with a friend in a cafe, checking twitter updates while with others and presenting a success profile on Facebook – basically fear of missing any potential connection rather than the one you are experiencing.  Some teens have to be available 24/7 for fear of being dumped. Psychologists are now talking about it in terms of a FOMO addiction.

  1. We check email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks often, in case we’re missing something important.
  2. We try and do the most exciting things, and are constantly in search of exciting things, because we’re worried we might miss out on the fun that others are having.
  3. We constantly read about what other people are doing, and try to emulate them, because it sounds like they’re doing something great that we’re not.
  4. We feel like our own lives are poor in comparison with the great lives others are leading, and so feel bad about ourselves.This guy’s advice:  Be grateful, and each moment think not about what you’re missing, but what you’ve been given.

Source: Zen Habits

2. CHUGGING… charitable mugging….

Charity Mugging…the backlash just may start here.  (in what started off as perfect meeting of charities hiring commercial outfits to raise donations for them)

And this is a sensitive subject as Chuggers spruik for good causes.

The Scene: EVERYDAY outside your local post office there is a table with four bods bounding across the pavement to become your new best friends and talk para-Olympics, WWF, Greenpeace ….they want your money not just once but for an ongoing payment programme.

Fact 1: A good chugger can be on a very good wage – with hourly rate and individual signup fees awarded –  and with 45 million pounds handed over each year in the UK.

Fact 2: People are starting to avoid certain shop strips know for chuggers in the UK.

Fact 3: There are 24 fund-raising providers  – with one outfits 2 bosses paying themselves almost UK$1 million last year

In the UK people are so chugger fatigued some boroughs are saying – you’re allowed to chug only Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And the police have gotten involved to stop chuggers chasing people down the street.

Sources: The Guardian
The Telegraph

1. Death By Robot – The Drone and the Obama…

Update: The people who operate the drones, Rolling Stone magazine reports, describe their casualties as “bug splats”, “since viewing the body through a grainy-green video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed”.  (An aside – Stanford and NY Law Schools suggest that during Obama’s first three year’s in office 259 Drone strikes killed between 297 and 569 civilians, of whom at least 64 were children. 

President Barack Obama’s administration is in the process of drawing up a formal rulebook that will set out the circumstances in which targeted assassination by unmanned drones is justified, according to reports.

The New York Times, citing two unnamed sources, said explicit guidelines were being drawn up amid disagreement between the CIA and the departments of defense, justice and state over when lethal action is acceptable.

Sources: The Guardian
Wired Magazine

Civilian drones are about to cause major privacy issue…

Watch superb Video here

Privacy concerns because the Australian police are talking about using drones for crime fighting… as well ‘un-registered’ drone operators have been raising their dubious heads.

Un-registered = paparazzi (photos of celebs) and bike gangs (keeping meth lab’s guarded) using them for illicit purposes – and under current law anything goes.

N.B. They take superb imagery…

And also be afraid if this becomes an avalanche: Queensland Police said it was “in a research and testing stage to determine viability” of such aircraft.

Operations under investigation ... drones.

Several law enforcement agencies around Australia are believed to be investigating the use of drones in their operations — following adoption by police in the United States — but none except Queensland Police would confirm this officially. Victoria Police hosted a conference in Melbourne this year with police from other states to discuss drone use.

“The very first 20th-century anti-utopian novel — 25 years before Orwell’s 1984 — used drones (“aeros” ) as the means by which the government observed and repressed the population.

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Howie’s Hot Five for… 5 December, 2012

This week’s theme is vaguely – reinvention…

5. Tracey Thorn does it right? (Seasonally)

or reinventing the utterly boring and tired concept of the Christmas Album with Tinsel And Lights.

Nicely done with no ‘icing’ with our Trace looking at Dolly, Jack (White) and Randy (Newman)…

and for Tracey Thorn freaks she has her autobiography coming out soon Bedsit Disco Queen

4.Paper towels…rule!

You walk into the toilet what do you do… paper or blow?

Stop Press: There is no downside to PAPER.

But what about the Environment!! Blowers us so much more energy than it takes to make a paper towel.
Here’s the findings from Mayo Clinic study of every Paper Towel study from 1970 onwards…

  • Drying skin is essential to removing bacteria
  • Paper doesn’t splatter germs around like blowers do
  • Paper won’t dry your hands out
  • Remember some dorks don’t wash their hands at all…paper can be used to open the door on way out
  • Blowers spread bacteria 3 to 6 feet from the device

Source: The Wall Street Journal

3. Christmas Mince Pies at Mamata

Map to Mamata Bakery, Grey Lynn – that institution on the ‘dog-leg’ of Richmond Rd in West Lynn shops keeps on keeping on. Spend o$1.70 on their Christmas Mince Pies… the  perfect investment.


2. Bryan Ferry – reinvention.


Sorry…the Bryan Ferry Orchestra.

Here Bazza in a suit does everything but sing or play and instrument – and let’s the best of Brits Dixie Jazzers ‘Do the Strand’ etc. … perfect prezzy for Mum and Dad and interesting reinvention.

Sources: The Guardian

1. Sherry – get in early… 

If you want to be totally hip at home this Christmas …if you want to fend off  ‘so what are you going to do to make a living, why do you listen to that racket’ etc etc… whip out a bottle of …sherry. 

Make sure it’s the real stuff and not the corner offy- plastic petrol container stuff… makes sure it’s Spanish – and start out safe with a Manzanilla (slightly softer, fruitier variety)

The US is starting to go nuts on good sherry again… Sherry is back in trendy bars … in the US and New Zealand – try Freida Margolis in Grey Lynn…the perfect example!

And buy sherry to keep the Spanish sherry bodegas going – it’s tough times in Spain and these guy are doing it rough …but still make labour intensive works of art in a bottle.

Our sherry: La Gitana


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Howie’s Hot Five for…22 November, 2012

Listen to this week’s show here

5. Minorities take home the USA

Makeup of who elected Barack Hussein Obama
71% Latino
93% of Black vote
55% of the female vote
so everyone but… wealthy, white men.

Republicans a “Mad Men Party in a Modern Family World” quoted Maureen Dowd.  Use of terms like ‘traditional America’ actually ended up being a delusional concept.

Source: Maureen Dowd -NY Times

By the way … Colorado and Washington have just voted to legalise marijuana.

4. New fang-dangled bracelets that may make sense

Fad ... the Jawbone Up Band.

STOP PRESS! Body weight may be linked to food intake and exercise …yikes!

Studies have shown that if you can track how much – you are not doing – so monitoring your negative behaviour – spending too much, eating too much etc.

Nike FuelBand for $150.00
Jawbone Band $130.00…

both these let you constantly know how well or badly you are doing  – and compare with others online  – so motivating to make behavioural changes by leaving the bands on all the time. ..then with Facebook and Iphone Apps all your activity (or inactivity) is tracked. …even tracks your nights sleep, how long it takes you to drift off, light and deep sleep patterns…..wave the bracelet over the barcode of the food you’re eating and it’ll track the calories…..

…then once you get going it’ll report on what days you sleep well, badly, what days you eat more eat etc.

Source: Nike FuelBand

3. Hens in your backyard are so last year…

Hello Quail…or more correctly hello Japanese Quail and their eggs.  A new ‘global interest’.   Quail boom in London and Sydney.

Great if you want to collects eggs etc but don’t have the room – you can put them on a balcony – the quail that is.

“…apparently full of vitamin D, rumoured to stimulate growth, increase sexual appetite and stimulate brain function.

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald

2. Silo Park – it must be summer!

Friday nights the Silo Market kicks off at 5 pm.
Followed by family films with kick off tomorrow The Blues Brothers…
Source: Silo Park Calendar

1. Sydney!

Bonanza of gigs – all in one week…As the famous travel writer Jan Morris once wrote  – it’s the best modern city in the world…

Monday = Radiohead
Tuesday = Ben Harper
Wednesday = Beck
Thursday = Coldplay
Thursday = Elton John
Thursday = Dwight Yoakam
Friday = Grizzly Bear
Saturday/Sunday = Dexys Midnight Runners + Dandy Warhols

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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Howie’s Hot Five for… 15 November, 2012

Stream podcast here:

5. Low Five – NO MORE COP (public relations) SHOWS

Drug Squad – Police Dog Dan takes a hit chasing thieves – TV1

Police Ten 7  – ex Cop goes all unsolved stolen caravans and young people doing bad -TV1

Border Patrol – customs deals with all those bad people – foreigners! TV2

The Force (after Border Patrol) behind the scenes with cops. TV2

The Suspects (After The Force) – Aust reality cop show TV2

Police Doco – following cops in New Zealand and Norway (interview with NZ cop Union -‘we need guns’)

Drug Bust – Police raid suburban homes  – and a routine car search reveals a  man wearing the wrong pants

So on average a police recruitment advertisement is on our Television one day every week…

4. Web Radio – a beginner’s guide…

We at HH5 love following music listening trends – especially as the music listening industry is in complete turmoil – as usual – since that little bugger invented Napster – if only he didn’t the record companies would still be charging $30 for a 1 cent CD (production costs) and making obscene profits…

So what is it this week Downloading, Streaming, Subscription, Pirating etc.

This just in – Web Radio is where it’s at!  27% growth compared to the likes of Spotify etc (streaming).

And in the USA the war over Internet Radio Royalty Payments is about to get very, very hot.

Survey by US firm NPD:

  • AM/FM radio remains America’s favourite listening choice
  • Next…streaming radio (web radio) has replaced the CD for second place – big reason for this is Pandora’s move into cars  – so direct web radio feeds to cars
  • Listening to digital files on players has dropped and continues to drop

FYI Here’s Howie’s Hot Five favourite Web Radio stations:

  • KCRW  – listen live or pick your programmes – seriously good stuff for music geeks! (Morning Becomes Eclectic rocks! e.g this week it’s Patti Smith live in the studio, next day Lianne La Havas and Sea Wolf
  • BBC 6 – Great music radio from UK -with everyone from Damon Albarn  to Guy Garvey turning up with their own radio shows
  • BBC 4   – in great tradition of Brit Radio – lots of excellent interview and docos…you can easily leave it on all day.
  • WFMUfantastic ‘freeform’ internet radio station out of New Jersey.
  • Podcasts: This American Life and The Moth

Source: CNET

3.  No! Size does matter…

This just in:

Men who have sperm that tend to vary in length—particularly in the tail—often have a lower concentration of sperm that can swim well, a possible sign of fertility trouble.

“Our study reveals that men who produce higher concentrations of competent swimming sperm also demonstrate less variation in the size and shape of those sperm,” says Jim Mossman, a postdoctoral scholar at Brown University.

“It suggests that in some cases, testes are working more optimally to produce high numbers of consistently manufactured sperm, and vice versa.”

Source Futurity.

2. Tavi Gevinson…a real phenom…



If you haven’t heard of this fashion phenom – could be time to check her out – Tavi Gevinon started a fashion blog when she was 11 that went ballistic – so at 12 she was sitting ringside at all the Paris and New York fashion shows and blogging to her millions of followers…so where is she now?

Her pronouncements were “I strong feel daisies are still the best thing ever.”   Tweenies with Apple Macs lapped her up… and her thick glasses and dyed grey-blue hair.

She is still a fashion blogger but now fully fledged online impresario….

Last year she stared online magazine Rookie  – it’s such a clever, brilliant little site aimed at stylish teenaged girls…  as well as contributors Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham, John Hamm and Judd Apatow (boy advice to teenage girls)

Oh and she’s given a TED Talk and appeared on stage at the Museum of Metropolitan Art – and recently completed a 16 city blog tour talking to young teenage girls across America.

Girls who are a bit dorky but fashionable and don’t read 17 love her – and there are millions of them.

Sources: New York Times

1. Moveover Psy – there’s more like you on the way…

Ok Psy has taken over the world – brilliant and out of nowhere phenom. 700 million youtube hits and a UK No.1.

Trade body IFPI says the industry in future will invest heavily in pop acts in Japan, China, Korea and South America – after identifying those countries as the next home of Gaga or Rhianna.   Up until now it’s been all UK, US, Germany and France for industry investment.

These guys won’t be getting signed by pop hunters because they already total hot – Mexican Institute of Sound – electronic out of Mexico who’s member include the President of EMI Mexico – fusing electronica with Mexican folk traditions.

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Howie’s Hot Five for 8 November, 2012

Listen to podcast here

5. Velcro or Teflon – What’s your stress…

For Velcro stress artists – when stress happens it sticks to them – and after several years their health starts to pack up.

For Teflon stress artists – the stress slides off them.

“Our research shows that how you react to what happens in your life today predicts your chronic health conditions 10 years in the future, independent of your current health and your future stress,” says David Almeida, professor of human development and family studies at Penn State.

What’s different about is the research carried out continuous weekly interviews about the participants day and also took saliva samples to test for stress hormone cortisol. They did this research in 1995 and ten years later in 2005.

HH5 takeout: it’s not the stress – it’s how we react. Stress is a fact of life.

Source: Futurity

4. Colourblindness…

Can’t make out the No.2  = you may have red-green colourblindness

So if you’re colour blind:
– You’re unsure if the meat is cooked
– It’s difficult to read traffic lights – is that red or green?
– You aren’t allowed to pilot planes
– 32 million Americans or 8% of men and 0.5% of women.

Enter new website and smartphones apps.  E.g. Videogame makers are including ‘colourblind user options’. …and a cure for colourblindness may not be far off – after colourlbind squirrels were injected with the missing gene into their retinas.

The Apps: CB people look through their smartphone at a scene and it changes all the reds and greens into basic versions easier for CB people to see. “magic eyes” as one sufferer says of the apps.

Wall Street Journal

3. Chardonnay is back…it’s hip… and it’s been this way for a while…

So get with it!

For wine ‘wxxkers’ Sideways the buddy-wine trail-movie (the gentler, kinder version of The Hangover) killed their Merlot sales – causing US sales to drop by more than 2%….and Pinot Noir rose by 15% (Paul Giamatti’s character hates Merlot, loves Pinot Noir). There are still plonkers out there who ‘detest’ Merlot.

The wine reviewer in the Sydney Morning Herald has suddenly discovered one Chardonnay to rave about  – Especially Kumeu River. “Ringing all the bells” they say.
“restraint, finesse and drinkability” – so unlike huge butter tasting crap from 1980’s.

So Auckland Chardonnay take a bow.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

2. House Porn…

Fuck your magazine stack coffee table with an antler on top.

Fuck your magazine stack coffee table with an antler on top.

(from the terrific site ‘fuck your noguchi coffee table’)

On both sides of the Tasman within hours of each other both NZ Herald and The Sydney Morning Herald have penned ‘house porn’ articles related to the shrill-pitch state of these cities housing markets.

First up was Deborah Hill-Cone – on November 4th. (One of the best op-ed writers in the Herald…besides Bob Jones of course!)

Don’t envy the people in huge homes with music video furnishings … they’re victims of the house-porn con. She brilliantly compared her parents attitude to buying a house, to live in it and to raise your kids – and our approach now.

– ‘Buy recently done up house in Ponsonby then ‘I must change it all to reflect the acute and cleverly creative individual that I am darling!’ (HH5’s words here)

More Cone: This is not normal. Since when was it considered a reasonable aim for most middle class people to have a house as glamorous and sterile as a five-star hotel….
… We don’t go to church anymore, but it seems to be accepted that you are a more virtuous person if you live in a brutally decluttered house with a mountain of silk scatter cushions.

A recent New York Times article referred to in the SMH as ‘addictive yearning’  – a longing for a life we think we should have but don’t.  Adding; ‘touring interiors stores as though walking through art galleries’.

Re: Auckland house price investment craziness – HH5’s advice is that of Warren Buffet;

“When others are greedy be fearful – when others are fearful be greedy.’

Sources: NZ Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
New York Times

1. Jool’s Holland’s latest one night success story…

(KT Tunstall and Adele charged through Late with Jools Holland out of nowhere to stardom…Next up it’s Lianne La Havas.

18 October… sort of overnight success for this 23 year old… daughter of a bus driving jazz musician…Lianne La Havas.

Nominated for a Mercury Prize, Stevie Wonder called her and sang one of her songs to her on the telephone and Prince has asked to record her. Sort of Adele…in that both unique and natural way – see if it’s your thing and then get in early before cafes, hairdresser and airport terminals get on to it a la Adele.

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Howie Hot Five for… 1 November, 2012

Stream this week’s show here (include the inside view on Ponsonby females being swathed in Lulu Lemon work out tights…12/7 to sip lattes…)

5. Oscar says hello to the over 60’s female (possibly)…

Oscar buzz this year is all about … the youngest and oldest females ever nominated possibility.

First up, Quvenzhané Wallis, the lead in Beasts of the Southern Wild, who will be 9 years old in January when the Academy Award nominations are announced. (She was only 5 when she first auditioned for the film.)

But it’s an 86 year old French actress and 77 year old Judy Dench that the pundits are excited about.

  • Emmanuelle Riva, an 85-year-old French actress who’s impressive as a dementia-stricken wife in Michael Haneke’s devastating Amour – turning 86 on the day of the Oscars
  • 77 year old Dame Judy Dench for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Source: The Vulture

4. Stand back …it’s and over 50 Female…or ‘older sisters are doing it for themselves…

Previously ignored by advertisers the over 50 female population are shoving their fists in the air …and it’s full of dollars… (and most importantly ‘indulgence snacking’)

Age specific ads for the over 50 female are now the norm… French Vogue, American Apparel, MAC makeup  – are all featuring 54 to 60 year olds’ as their ‘faces’.

Australian women the most economically empowered in the world – topped a list of 128 countries for women’s access to education, equal pay, childcare and anti-discrimination policies

And advertisers are now targeting women over 50 – so expect more sex romps with the likes of Meryl Streep…? independent, more influential and more affluent.

Not ‘mid life crisis but mid-life opportunity – and the art of ‘she marketing’.

Confident, intelligent women with a wealth of life experience and hard-won economic and personal autonomy will help mightily to jettison stereotypes and make a massive contribution to an increasingly more sophisticated and vibrant Australian society.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

3. The Ultimate Aging Story…

Welcome to the Greek Island of Ikaria…

Health scare in US – nine months to live so moved back to his Greek Island …moved in with his mother…after a month of so in bed…got energetic …planted a vege garden and waited to day …but he didn’t

  • He woke up when he felt like it,
  • Worked in the vineyards until midafternoon,
  • Made himself lunch…with vino
  • Then took a long nap… he’s now 97 years old.

Island of Ikaris is part of the study of places where people live longest…

For women it’s Okinawa, Costa Rica and  Sardinia.

And on the Greek Island of Ikaris the population is reaching the age of 90 at two and a half times the rate Americans do.

They were also living about 8 to 10 years longer before succumbing to cancers and cardiovascular disease, and they suffered less depression and about a quarter the rate of dementia.

Almost half of Americans 85 and older show signs of Alzheimer’s. (The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that dementia cost Americans some $200 billion in 2012.) On Ikaria, however, people have been managing to stay sharp to the end.

Researchers asked one of the only doctors on the Island – ‘ We wake up late and always take naps. I don’t even open my office until 11 a.m. because no one comes before then.” He took a sip of his wine. “Have you noticed that no one wears a watch here? No clock is working correctly. When you invite someone to lunch, they might come at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. We simply don’t care about the clock here.”


  • breakfast of goat’s milk,
  • wine,
  • sage tea
  • coffee,
  • honey and bread.
  • Lunch was almost always beans (lentils, garbanzos), potatoes, greens (fennel, dandelion or a spinachlike green called horta) and whatever seasonal vegetables their garden produced;
  • dinner was bread and goat’s milk.

and very littel refined sugar.

Young Blood…

Ok here goes…Young blood may reverse the signs of aging…

A new study by researchers at Stanford University shows that injections of young blood can reverse the signs of aging in mice.

The facts:

  • Older mice being injected with young mouse blood
  • Boosted memory and improved learning in older geezer mice
  • Promoted older stem cells in the mice to ‘act’ young again
  • The mice went under 8 blood transfusions per month
  • Kim Jong-il, for example, used to “inject himself with blood from healthy young virgins

Source: The Atlantic

1. So it’s True Blood, Old Vampires and a ‘fang-banging’ future for the young?

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Howie’s Hot Five for… 18 October, 2012

Listen to this week’s podcast here

5. New use for Superman’s changing room….

We like this idea of turning old phone booths into ‘digital information hubs’….

..simply add a screen and wifi…

Starting in New York…250 smart screens are being installed… so people can get instant information ….outfit called City24x7 is behind it

“…display interactive hyper-local neighborhood information, including details about restaurants, stores, and safety alerts. There will also be a 311 icon that allows users to access City information and file complaints.”

The booths have 32 inch touch screens to view real-time news in that locale, transport info, new bars and restaurant reviews,  – and in multi languages.  They double as a free wifi hotspot …big point-of-difference – all content is dedicated to that exact location… cheap coffee deal around the corner, nearest taxi stand etc.

Source: Fast Company

4.What’s the No.1 Wheat Free Breakfast?

Answer: Porridge!

Now the hottest breakfast – first because its wheat free.
Second – it’s low on the glycaemic index – so avoiding sugar highs.
Third, it’s low in calories and fat.

Proof – in the UK – growth in oats purchased in supermarkets has grown 60%

Finally the 19th annual World Porridge Championship was held two weeks ago – in The Highlands with contestants from the US and Sweden.
And here’s the winner:

3. Smoking banned in Apartment blocks…

Will we see the end of smoking in our lifetime?
The San Fransisco suburb of San Rafael has banned smoking in ‘multi-family’ homes – apartment buildings, condos – both privately owned and rented…. as well as outlawing smoking on downtown streets.

This makes San Rafael the 10th Californian municipality to pass such ordinances.  So effectively outlawing what you choose to do in the comfort of your own home… and to think we thought Singapore was a ‘controlled state’ with litter fines etc.

Source: The Consumerist

2. Low five… Rolling Stone Tickets…ouch!

First live Stone’s shows in five years will set you back anywhere between $200 -very cheap seats to $2000 for a place in the ‘tongue pit’ (standing) as well as three course dinner.

In short: What a successful corporation the Stones are.

2 concerts each in London and New Jersey.

Check out how much they are making as we speak: The Rolling Stones Salary Live

Source: The Week

1. El Gusto… Chaabi music…

Now the story behind these guys makes the Buena Vista Social Club’s pale in comparison…

An Algerian born architect – 22 year old woman wanders into a shop in the Casbah in Algeria – looks at some old photographs and hears this amazing story of Jewish and Muslim musicians from 50 years before.

It starts in the Casbah of old Algiers and French colonial rule when Jews and Muslims lived together… hanging out in french bars and bistros ….playing music.  Chaabi music.

With independence in 1962 the Jews had to flee and the Muslims were relocated to tower block hamlets on the outskirts of town.

After 50 years on September 30th these old Jewish and Muslim musicians met up again – in their 80’s  – to play this mix of Andalusian and Berber (inhabitants of Northern Africa) sounds – thanks to the young Irish-based Algerian Architect who hunted down the musicians  – some in their 90’s.

She started making a movie of the project – got breast cancer – put it aside, – recovered – and in 2o12 released El Gusto – the movie.   You had men who hadn’t seen each other in 50 years weeping. Now they’re touring to Oslo, LA, New York and Chicago.

Source: New York Times

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