Howie’s Hot Five for…1st March 2012

5. Iphone dropped in the loo…no prob…

This big, big news for the week… just unveiled in Spain at at a recent Consumer Electronics Conference…not one but three companies are releasing complete waterproof casings for electronics… is using Iphone in the shower complete enough?

Ipads, Iphones, Samsungs and Kindles swimming in water! (this deserves and exclamation mark people)

Release dates for three different outfits;  HzO, Liquipel and NeverWet is in eight months  – all talking to tech manufacturers – and they say outside of that it’ll be 30 minutes and $60 to totally coat a phone.

Source: Cnet reviews

4. All this talk of Greeks is a downer….some good Greek…

Greek Yogurt…according to the New York Times Greek Yogurt has had one of the fast growth spurts of any food line in recent history…each of last three years there’s been 100% growth  = $1 billion in US alone…going from 2% market share to almost 15%.


Customers — mostly educated, high-income women, according to the report — are devoted to the product because it is perceived to be filling without having too many calories…. and this is even when it’s 90% more expensive than other yogurt… but it AIN’T ICE CREAM OK!

Oh, and PepsiCo are wanting to muscle in on the yogurt market snackify beverages

3.  Dog

Another good thing about digital television – Dogs can see it… so DogTV is advertised as the ideal babysitter for your dog…and helps prevent mental fatigue, depression and boredom… and offer stimulation and companionship.

Oh and they adjust the colour because dogs don’t see some colours

Source: The Week

2. You’ve got knitting on your feet

The Olympic is like war… pressure makes diamonds (weapons in one and sports gear in the other)

A pair of knitted Nikes anyone?So Nike says it’s combines all the benefits of a knitted sock…and a Nike.
The yarn is polyester that’s knitted then joined to a sole…. so it’s 20% lighter than the next lightest running shoe and when multiplied by the 40,000 steps it takes to run a marathon this difference equals the weight of a car!…. and you’ll see it debut at the London Olympics.

Source: The Week

1. BBC World Service turns 80 Today

It was 1932 and the technology was shortwave…and radio broadcasting had been around for less time than the Internet…and it’s now the most important broadcasting organisation in the English speaking world.

Broadcast in Auckland on 810 am by the Auckland Radio Trust (thank you, thank you!)

as well as 107 fm in the Coromandel and 107.3 on the Kaipara…

And thanks to these that sponsor the BBC in New Zealand.

Anthea’s Antiques ASB BankCathay PacificFlamingo PrintDymocks NZ Hesketh HenryHSBC Bank Simply Good WebsitesVero InsuranceVelocity Global

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